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Scaled Vecchia Approximation for Fast Computer Model Emulation

Matthias Katzfuss, Joseph Guinness, Earl Lawrence

Under Review

Proposed Method for Statistical Analysis of On-Farm Single Strip Treatment Trials

Jason Cho, Guinness, Kharel, Maresma, Czymmek, van Aardt, Ketterings

Under Review

Corn Grain Yield Prediction and Mapping from Unmanned Aerial System Multispectral Imagery

Sunoj Shajahan, Cho, Guinness, van Aardt, Czymmek, Ketterings

Under Review

Estimating Agronomically Relevant Symbiotic N Fixation in Green Manure Breeding Pgms

Katherine Muller, Joseph Guinness, Matthew Hecking, Laurie Drinkwater

Crop Science

Spatial Estimation Methods for Mapping Corn Silage and Grain Yield Monitor Data

Jason Cho, Guinness, Kharel, Sunoj, Kharel, Oware, van Aardt, Ketterings

Precision Agriculture

An Observational Study of the Effect of Vaporfly Shoes on Marathon Performance

Joseph Guinness, Debasmita Bhattacharya, Jenny Chen, Max Chen, Angela Loh

Researchers One

Inverses of Matern Covariances on Grids

Joseph Guinness


Gaussian Process Learning via Fisher Scoring of Vecchia's Approximation

Joseph Guinness

Statistics and Computing

Multi-element Effects on Arsenate Accumulation in a Geochemical Matrix Determined Using mu-XRF, mu-XANES, and Spatial Statistics

Sharma, Muyskens, Guinness, Polizzotto, Fuentes, Tappero, Chen-Wiegart, Thieme, Williams, Acerbo, and Hesterberg

Journal of Synchrotron Radiation

Improved methodologies for Earth system modelling of atmospheric soluble iron and observation
comparisons using the Mechanism of Intermediate complexity for Modelling Iron

Hamtilton, Scanza, Guinness, Kok, Longlei, Mingxuan, Rathod, Wan, Xiaohong, Fan, Mahowald

Geoscientific Model Development

A space-time geostat. model for prob. est. of harmful algal bloom biomass and areal extent

Fang, Giudice, Scavia, Binding, Bridgeman, Chaffin, Evans, Guinness Johengen, Obenour

Science of the Total Environment

Baseline Drift Estimation for Air Quality Data Using Quantile Trend Filtering

Halley Brantley, Joseph Guinness, Eric Chi

Annals of Applied Statistics

Smooth Density Spatial Quantile Regression

Halley Brantley, Montserrat Fuentes, Joseph Guinness, Eben Thoma

Statistica Sinica

Estimating Atmospheric Motion Winds from Satellite Image Data using Space-time Drift Models

Indranil Sahoo, Joseph Guinness, Brian Reich

Under Review

Geostatistical Modeling of Positive Definite Matrices: An Application to Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Zhou Lan, Brian Reich, Joseph Guinness, Dipankar Bandyopadhyay, Liangsuo Ma, Gerard Moeller


Spatial shrinkage via the product independent Gaussian process prior

Arkaprava Roy, Brian Reich, Joseph Guinness, Russel Shinohara, Ana-Maria Staicu

Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics

A Case Study Competition among Methods for Analyzing Large Spatial Data

Heaton et al.

JABES (2018)

Nonparametric Spectral Methods for Multivariate Spatial and Spatial-Temporal Data

Joseph Guinness

Journal of Multivariate Analysis

Space-Time Geostatistical Assessment of Hypoxia in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

V. Rohith Reddy Matli, Shiqi Fang, Joseph Guinness, Nancy Rabalais, Kevin Craig, Daniel Obenour

Environmental Science and Technology (2018)

Spectral Density Estimation for Random Fields via Periodic Embeddings

Joseph Guinness


Non-Stationary Covariance Estimation using the Stochastic Score Approximation for Large Spatial Data

Amanda Muyskens, Joseph Guinness, Montserrat Fuentes

Under Review

Vecchia Approximations of Gaussian Process Predictions

Matthias Katzfuss, Joseph Guinness, Daniel Zilber, Wenlong Gong

Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics

A General Framework for Vecchia Approximations of Gaussian Processes

Matthias Katzfuss and Joseph Guinness

Statistical Science

Permutation and Grouping Methods for Sharpening Gaussian Process Approximations

Joseph Guinness

Technometrics (2018)

A Test for Isotropy on the Sphere Using Spherical Harmonic Functions

Indranil Sahoo, Joseph Guinness, Brian Reich

Statistica Sinica

Compression and Conditional Emulation of Climate Model Output

Joseph Guinness and Dorit Hammerling

JASA Applications and Case Studies (2018)

Fully Bayesian Spectral Methods for Imaging Data

Brian Reich, Joseph Guinness, Simon Vandekar, Taki Shinohara, Ana-Maria Staicu

Biometrics (2018)

Optimal Seed Deployment under Climate Change using Spatial Models: Application to Loblolly Pine in the Southeastern US

Alfredo Farjat, Reich, Guinness, Whetten, McKeand, Isik

JASA Applications and Case Studies (2017)

Circulant Embedding of Approximate Covariances for Inference from Gaussian Data on Large Lattices

Joseph Guinness and Montserrat Fuentes

Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics (2017)

An Evolutionary Spectrum Approach to Incorporate Large-Scale Geographical Descriptors on Global Processes

Stefano Castruccio and Joseph Guinness

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C (2017)

Isotropic Covariance Functions on Spheres: Some Properties and Modeling Considerations

Joseph Guinness and Montserrat Fuentes

Journal of Multivariate Analysis (2016)

Likelihood Approximations for Big Nonstationary Spatial-Temporal Lattice Data

Joseph Guinness and Montserrat Fuentes

Statistica Sinica (2015)

Multivariate Spatial Modeling of Conditional Dependence in Microscale Soil Elemental Composition Data

Joseph Guinness, Montserrat Fuentes, Dean Hesterberg, Matthew Polizzotto

Spatial Statistics (2014)

Interpolation of Nonstationary High Frequency Spatial-Temporal Temperature Data

Joseph Guinness and Michael Stein

Annals of Applied Statistics (2013)

Transformation to Approximate Independence for Locally Stationary Gaussian Processes

Joseph Guinness and Michael Stein

Journal of Time Series Analysis (2013)